• The Inner Beauty of the Mango for Skin Care
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The Inner Beauty of the Mango for Skin Care
Learn about the benefits of mango butter for the skin

Sure, its flesh is one of the season’s tastiest treats, but the benefits of the mango go far beyond taste—mango seed butter is one of the beauty world’s best-kept secrets.

Biting into a juicy mango is one of the most delicious experiences of summer, in every sense—that first cool taste of sweet, tangy meat, that honeyed aroma, the juice running down your fingers and chin, the sun shining on your face.

A Symbol of Perfection & Worship

Mangoes flourish in warmer, tropical locales like Brazil and are native to South Asia where they’re the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Ayurveda medicine prizes ripe mango for its sweet, heating and energizing qualities.

Besides being a culinary superstar in chutneys, lassis and smoothies stateside, the mango is one of the sacred trees of India, often growing to over 100 feet and living for hundreds of years.

The mango tree blossoms with small, fragrant white flowers, which eventually ripen into the gorgeous fruit, which has deep cultural significance as well.

It is believed that Buddha made a mango tree burst into blossom in Shravasti.

Ripe mango is often held as a symbol of perfection by the Hindu god Ganesh, and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and the creative arts, is worshipped with mango blossoms.

The Myriad Uses of the Mango

And it’s no wonder it’s seen so often as a fruit of the gods: the mango is useful from its bark and leaves, right down to its skin and seed.

The mango is popular throughout South Asia, and here in a marketplace in Guntur India.

Mango seed butter has been used by the people of South Asia to nourish hair and skin for centuries to treat dryness, eczema, even dandruff.

It is a culturally prized ingredient that goes deep and multi-tasks with skin-loving nutrients, bolstering elasticity, hydration and protection from sun damage.

While similar to popular shea and cocoa butters in consistency, mango seed butter contains higher levels of fatty acids, making it even more effective as a moisturizer.

And that’s exactly why I selected it for Eu2Be Nurture + Nourish Lotion.

Not only is mango seed butter rich with antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, C and E, it has a fatty acid profile that gives it great regenerative, anti-inflammatory and collagen-production properties.

Sustainable Mango Magic for the Skin

So, does mango butter meet our eco-minded sourcing standard? Yes! Our mangoes are sustainably wild-harvested.

Then, their seeds are cold-pressed to ensure the preservation of inherent tocopherols and polyphenols, aka all the good stuff—vitamins, antimicrobials and antioxidants.

Finally, they are carefully processed to maintain its creamy texture and combined with 12 other skin-conditioning ingredients to make Eu2Be’s deeply nourishing, moisture-locking lotion for bare skin.

Once our lotion with mango seed butter is in your hands, it’s a true treat for your skin. Enjoy it as deeply as you would that first mango of the summer—and let its healing, conditioning essence feel just as delicious.


Photo of juicy mangos at the Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain, by Andrew E. Larsen via Flickr. Banganpalli mangoes being sold in a Guntur street market from Wikipedia.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Natural Skincare IngredientsNatural Skincare ProductsSkin Moisturizer

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