• 5 Ancient Secrets of Rice Bran Oil for Skin Care
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5 Ancient Secrets of Rice Bran Oil for Skin Care

I’m not a fan of lazy ingredients—the kind that just sit there on the outer layer of your skin.

I like functional, rich, multi-tasking ingredients that easily absorb into the skin, don’t clog pores and make a difference along our journey.

So, when I talk about Eu2Be products being comprised of “culturally prized” ingredients, the intriguing way rice bran oil is integrated into Japanese culture perfectly demonstrates what I mean.

From farm to faucet—or farm to bath, so to speak—the Japanese are pretty serious about beauty.

We give them props for ingredient and product innovations like mega-treatments, skin brighteners, carbonated cleansers, placenta supplements, and exotic jellies and serums.

The relationship between Japan and rice brain oil has been cultivated for over two thousand years—as a staple in both diet and skincare throughout Asia.

Ancient grains: rice bran oil for skin care

I selected rice bran oil—aka Oryza Sativa—for Eu2Be soap, lotion and oil for many of the same reasons the Japanese valued it—it softens and enhances the skin and hair.

Long before today’s current Asian skin care craze, there was another group of fascinating women who placed ritual at the center of self-care—the Geisha.

These women embraced the wisdom of taking mindful steps, and they understood that what ultimately emerges into our being is informed by the very steps that came before it.

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Simply put, rice brain oil is rich with many mysterious components that have made it a staple of skin and hair care for centuries:

  1. It's not only rich in nutrients, it aids protection against UV damage
  2. A deeply hydrating oil, it contributes to our descriptive “nourishing” qualities because it contains different kinds of Vitamin B and naturally existing antioxidants like Vitamin E and linoleic acid
  3. Linoleic acid in particular has been cited in studies as highly effective in treating problem skin
  4. Linoleic acid is one of the Omega 6 fatty acids that help maintain cell membrane health
  5. And, in addition to great moisture retention properties, it helps calm irritated skin

          Now you have the scoop on this mesmerizing ancient secret ingredient, and why I included rice bran oil in all Eu2Be products—it’s part of my quest for you to Be the Guardian with soft, beautifully touchable skin.

          In other words, get your Geisha on, beautiful butterfly!

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          • Charla Jones
          • Natural SkincareNatural Skincare Ingredients

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